Have A Commercial Locksmith Help You Secure Your Business

If you own a commercial business, at some point or another you will need to get your locks replaced, rekeyed, fixed, or upgraded. You are probably aware that it is best to call in a commercial locksmith to perform these jobs, but many business owners and managers are still not clued in to all the security-related services that commercial locksmiths offer and routinely perform. At KGO Locksmith we like to keep our clients updated and informed; this is important for us and for you. There are many services that commercial locksmiths like us offer, and if this is your introduction to commercial locksmith services, then read on. If you have any immediate questions, need a quote, or need emergency locksmith service, call KGO Locksmith today at 514-744-6211.

Basic Commercial Locksmith Services for Your Business

KGO locksmith Lock rekeying and duplication of keys on-site are just a couple of the services that commercial locksmiths provide. There may be many reasons why you would need these services, including employee turnover, misplaced keys, or a change of management. There are other times when there may be just too many keys to handle, and you may want to have a master key system introduced. If you are the owner or manager, this will enable you to have access to all the offices and rooms in the building, while other employees will still be limited to their own offices. Key control is another security concern that many businesses have. Who has the keys to your business, and can you be certain that they haven't made duplicate keys without your knowledge? The simplest way of addressing this is to have your keys stamped with a "Do Not Duplicate" notice, but hardware stores may ignore this request, even if it is illegal to do so. A more effective way to ensure your key control is to install restricted keyway cylinders. What is a restricted keyway? This means that the types of keys required for the locks are registered to a particular locksmith in town. No one else in the area or region will have access to the necessary key blanks, and therefore it will be impossible to duplicate the keys - except through your own commercial locksmith.

Electronic & Keyless Commercial Solutions

There are different options available to manage access in your building, besides using restricted keys. More advanced options include electronic locks, biometric locks, and key fob systems. Electronic locks will require that your users or employees use a particular combination or a code – they will need to key this in to enter the building. Biometric locks are, in fact, also electronic locks. Unlike the code system commonly used, however, a biometric lock will require a fingerprint or retina scan. Key fob systems are one of the most commonly used commercial locksmith solutions; users are usually given a badge or card that they need to "beep" or scan to gain entry. They work well in buildings where there is an especially high volume of people going in and out daily; visitors may also be issued a card in order to permit them entry. All three of the aforementioned options also have the possibility of utilizing or incorporating an electronic audit trail – a record of who has entered or exited the building, and at which times.

Further Services Commercial Locksmiths Can Provide

Most managers and business owners need help and advice with this: making sure that your building is accessible and compliant with the current accessible design standards and regulations. This is a major issue, one for which you may face fines if you do not comply. Good commercial locksmiths will be able to get you up to speed on this, and advise you on security and design elements that you need to change. For example, doorknobs in your office building may have to be replaced by lever handles, or your storefront entrance may require that a push bar be installed on the inside of the door. Further, commercial locksmiths will be able to help you with things like emergency exit devices, panic bars, and single function locks. When panic bars or single function locks are installed, it is important that a latch guard be installed as well – this will prevent potential intruders from sawing through your deadbolt. Finally, a reliable commercial locksmith will walk through your building or your business with you, make sure that all your doors and hardware are in order, and advise you on any hardware or security issues that need to be addressed. They can also install a business safe for you if necessary.

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KGO Locksmith provides all these commercial locksmith services and much more. If you are a new business owner or manager, call KGO today to ask us how we can help ensure the security of your premises. We serve all communities in the Island of Montreal, West Island, and Ville St. Laurent. Commercial locksmith providing excellent security locks in Montreal