Five Reasons Why High Security Locks Provide Better Protection

Are you concerned about your home security? Perhaps you have been thinking about replacing your old, worn-out locks, but are not sure what you should replace them with. Oftentimes people might look towards newer, high-tech devices such as burglar alarms, camera systems, or electronic access control to increase the level of security in their home or business. These solutions are all fine and they do provide a greater level of security, but they shouldn't be utilized at the expense of ignoring the basic locks on all of your doors. The regular hardware on your exterior doors and entrances is incredibly important. Investing in high security locks will provide you with a much greater level of protection than an underutilized camera system would. Here are some of the reasons why KGO Locksmith recommends that you install quality, high security locks.

1. Patented Key Control

Firstly, most quality, high security locks have a controlled, restricted system of manufacturing and duplicating keys. Only a few authorized locksmiths are able to and have the licenses to duplicate high security keys. The keys are patented, and may even use signature verification – this will prevent any duplications attempted by unauthorized persons. Usually, when you lend someone your keys – your car repair person, a valet, your housekeeper – you can never be sure that they haven't gone ahead and made a copy of your keys without your knowledge. If you have high security locks with patented keys, however, you can be sure that this simple yet potentially dangerous action cannot take place.

2. Pick Resistance

Regular, cheap locks are astoundingly easy to pick. Anyone can buy a lock pick set, and with some practice, get really good at using them to open just about any regular lock. High security locks, however, utilize more advanced mechanisms that are resistant to standard lock-picking techniques. You can see some of the pick-resistant elements on the key, while there are other mechanisms hidden within the lock cylinder itself.

3. Drill Resistance

A high security lock cylinder differs from regular lock cylinders in that it is specially designed to resist drilling, which can easily break regular locks. Most locks can be opened in this fashion by creating a shear line between the outer housing of the lock and the inner cylinder. It can take only a couple of seconds to accomplish this by drilling a hole at the top of your lock cylinder. This enables the regular lock to be easily picked and opened. If you invest in a high security lock, however, this is a technique that thieves will not be able to use to access your property.

4. Physical Strength and Resistance

security locks Quality high security locks also come with elements like reinforced strike plates. In some cases, they may also utilize what is known as an interlocking deadbolt. These are both specialized security features, which greatly differentiate a high security lock from a regular lock. In many cases, burglars know that it is all too easy to kick in a door to gain entry to a home or business. Inexpensive knob locks or deadbolts simply do not do enough to secure an entrance door, and if you have these installed, your home may be vulnerable to a break-in.

5. Long-lasting Quality

As is so often the case: You get what you pay for. High security locks are better-made, and built from better materials than cheaper locks. They are usually composed of brass and steel, without any cheap pieces that might easily be broken or compromised. Why skimp on the security of your home or business? Durable locks are essential to ensure that your family and assets are properly protected.

High Security Locks from the Premier Montreal Locksmith

KGO Locksmith is one of the best in the business and aim to ensure your residence or place of business remains secure. Nowadays security is a priority, and it is essential that you ensure all your door hardware is both high quality and uncompromised, before you consider investing in additional security solutions. Your safety is important to us, and that is why we always make sure that all our clients are informed and educated about the technical aspects and quality of the security solutions available to them. We offer extensive residential and commercial locksmith services, and are always available 24/7 in case of emergencies. KGO Locksmith serves the Montreal Metropolitan Community, and is proud to offer some of the best door hardware and security options in town. No matter whether you need us in the simple event of a lockout, need secure cabinets installed in your office space, are interested in a CCTV system, or simply want high security locks installed in your home, we are the Montreal Locksmith to call.